Baker Creek Ceramics offers

Potter's Wheels

Slab Roller

5" Extruder

Gas and Electric Firings

Variety of Clays and Glazes

Clean Working Space

for our students and resident artists

Baker Creek Ceramics does NOT sell clay or ceramic supplies. We are NOT a production facility.

Baker Creek Kilns and Firings are for our students and resident artists only.

Baker Creek  is a private ceramic studio offering quality pottery classes and sculpting classes in Bellingham, Washington. It's a wonderful space for ceramic artists to nurture their creativity.  Baker Creek Ceramic Studio has been owned and operated by Deb McCunn since 2010. 

Deb McCunn, 2015

Handbuilding & Sculpting

Tuesdays with Deb McCunn

 1:30-4 pm OR 6:30-9 pm

Details HERE

Jennifer Anable teaching, 2015
Deb McCunn, 2016

Baker Creek Studio in Bellingham

Throwing on the Potter's Wheel

Thursdays 1-4 pm OR 6-9 pm

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