Deb McCunn is a ceramic artist and instructor. Deb opened Baker Creek Ceramics in 2009 as her private studio and as a place where ceramic artists could nurture their creativity. Deb sculpts in her 1,000 square foot studio in the loft. The lower 1,500 square feet used for ceramic classes and share by resident artists who rent space and use the studio when classes aren't in session. 

Identity Cleavage

Identity Cleavage is a body of work exploring the roles and expectations placed on women. Since the 1950s, a woman dressed up as a rabbit has been an iconic image of sensual desire. But what happens when a rabbit dresses up as a woman? The appliances and gadgets made in the 1950s were elegantly designed. But the advertisements for these appliances, cosmetics and clothing showed gleeful women appearing completely fulfilled to serve others. What were they really thinking? What about women who choose not to have children? Are they any less feminine? My hope is that the Identity Cleavage series provokes some interesting dialogue surrounding the roles women choose to accept and the price they pay for those choices. 

Deb McCunn

Artist and Owner, Baker Creek Ceramics

Artist’s Statement
Curiosity gives us vitality, allowing us to stretch and grow. Sculpting in clay is my vehicle for challenging assumptions.The richness and versatility of the medium allow me to carve subtle details throughout my work, layering meaning, stories and thought provoking questions.

Other Work by Deb McCunn